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About Me

If you understand MBTI, I am an ESTJ or DISC profiling, I am a strong D with a bit of I. If you are not across these, it just means that I accept challenges, take action and love achieving immediate results as well as passionate to ensure that my work and the work of those around me are completed to the highest standards.

I am direct, honest, friendly and down-to-earth, driven and determine and am a great net-worker who enjoys connecting with others to get things done.

I am easy going but hard working, I thrive when under pressure and love to be busy! There is nothing more satisfying than completing large projects and looking back at all you have achieved.


I have a broad range of skills that I have developed over my working journey including administration, customer service, sales, marketing and design. This journey has led me to nurture my passion in design and I have decided to take the leap to create my own design business. On top of that I have delved back into my passion or drawing and have started creating pieces which I have been giving away at the moment but plan to sell in the not too distant future!

I live on the Northern Beaches with my Husband, 4 year old boy, elderly cat, giant puppy and 2 hermit crabs.

My interests are in books, art, photography and travelling.

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